Respite (In the family home/REACH House)

Respite Care services means services provided to participants unable to care for themselves that are furnished on a short-term basis in order to provide temporary relief to those unpaid persons normally providing care. Respite Care can be provided in the participant’s home or place of residence, in the respite caregiver’s home, in a camp setting, in a DDRS approved day habilitation facility, or in a non-private residential setting (such as a respite home).

This service is for community participation. People will go out into the community to experience the community, again based on the individual's preference and skill level.

Some examples of Community Participation may be to go to a museum to learn more about an interesting topic, volunteering at a local food bank, looking for companies that are accepting applications, learning to make purchases at a grocery store, and again, the list is endless!

This can either occur individually or with a small group.


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