Facility Habilitation

Facility Based Habilitation (FGH and FHIO)

Facility Based Habilitation services are services provided outside of the Participant’s home in an approved facility that supports learning and assistance in the areas of: self-care, sensory/motor development, socialization, daily living skills, communication, community living, and social skills

This is the most unique service we currently provide. Participants are not required to attend a full day schedule. There are a variety of classes available and new ones are constantly being created to suit each person's needs and interests.

Programs and classes include, but are not limited to Career Exploration; Employment Preparedness Training; Applications, Resumes, and Interviewing; Cooking; Basic Academic Skills; Computer Skills; GED Preparedness; Arts and Crafts; Music, and suggestions for new classes are always being accepted.

Classes or groups meet for shorter periods of time, the longest being three hours, and group size is kept small, based on common interests and skill levels.

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