Respite Care

Respite Care services means services provided to participants unable to care for themselves that are furnished on a short-term basis in order to provide temporary relief to those unpaid persons normally providing care. Respite Care can be provided in the participant’s home or place of residence, in the respite caregiver’s home, in a camp setting, in a DDRS approved day habilitation facility, or in a non-private residential setting (such as a respite home).

We have a great respect for those who are caring for family members. A lot of time, care givers spend so much of their time caring for their family member, they often forget what it feels like to take a break, have coffee with a friend, have a date night with a significant other, or to take a weekend to go out of town.

We recognize the need for care for the caregiver, and we provide the staffing to ensure that happens.

These services are provided in your home where the family member is the most familiar and most comfortable.

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