About Us

About Us

Community REACH is a nonprofit organization that was started in 2014 to serves people with disabilities in Marion and surrounding counties in central Indiana and Vanderburgh and surrounding counties in southern Indiana. Program participants will be individuals with disabilities and their families/caregivers seeking Medicaid waiver services, developmental disabilities habilitation programs, mental health and recovery services, and community housing.

  • Community Based Habilitation (CHIO and CGH)
  • Facility Based Habilitation (FGH and FHIO)
  • Family and Caregiver Training
  • Respite (RSPO) both in the family home and REACH House.


All individuals with disabilities will have an equal and valued place in their chosen communities.


Empowering and enhancing the lives of people with disabilities through recovery, education, employment and community housing.

Core Values


Community REACH seeks to provide multiple options to individuals seeking opportunities to improve their quality of life. Individuals are encouraged to recognize their strengths and are supported to make their own decisions about options that best fit their needs.

Public Stewardship

Community REACH strives to provide high quality services at a low cost that are consistent with the needs of the community.

Community Cohesion

Community REACH works to create strong communities where individuals from all backgrounds and beliefs are able to foster understanding, friendships and mutual respect. Programs are designed to promote education and meaningful relationships, and to create community connections.


Employees and volunteers of Community REACH will act with integrity and honesty in all relationships and transactions